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Test Reports and Certifications

3M VHB APT EPA Method 24 Results
3M™ VHB™ SGT Thermal Conductivity ASTM C518 Report (05-17-12)
Adhesion Test Report (3M™ VHB™ APT and Alpolic Panels)
BSI ISO FM 541528
BSI TS 541527
CDC Test Report (2011-01-11) Brazil Building Inspections
CE Mark G and B23F
EMS 540885
G23F B23F Durability Study
NFRC101 2010 (E3A21) Thermophysical Properties
PSTC Tech 33 Paper 10 (VHB™ SGT Service Life Modeling)
Reynobond 3M™ VHB™ Tapes Design Guide
Tech Bulletin VHB™ Durability
VHB™ Tapes for Smooth Sided Trailers Brochure Mar 07
VHB™ Underwater Durability 2002
3M IATD Products LBC Red List 2016